Overhead Bridge Demolition

August 2, 2017

    A few bus services will temporarily divert their routes due to the overhead bridge demolition on North Bridge Road.

    Location: Near The Adelphi on North Bridge Road

    Period: Wednesday, 2 August to Thursday, 3 August

    Time: 11.00pm to 5.00am

    Details below

    StreetStop SkippedService
    North Bridge Rd(04168) After City Hall Station Exit B32, 51, 63, 80, 195
    851, 961
    (04249) Opposite The Treasury51, 63, 80, 124, 145, 166, 174, 197
    61, 851, 961


    During this period, Services that skipped the bus stop after the City Hall Station Exit B (04168) but will temporarily call at the one in front of the Saint Andrew’s Cathedral (04167) instead.



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