Perth Busport

July 18, 2016

    The Perth Busport is unique. Not only is the bus station fully underground – a first for Perth – it is also Australia’s first bus station to work more like an airport, with buses departing from different stands for each trip to maximise efficiency.

    Perth Busport operates much like an airport, allowing us to fit more services into the station. Just like a plane doesn’t leave from the same gate every time you fly, when you catch a bus from Perth Busport, you won’t always depart from the same stand. However your bus will always leave from the same group of four stands – either stands 1-4, stands 5-8, stands 9-12 or stands 13-16.

    Before a stand is allocated to your bus, the screens will show the group of stands from which your bus will depart, so you can take a seat nearby and wait. Keep an eye on the screens, as two to five minutes before departure your bus will be allocated a stand.

    Once a stand is allocated, the screen at the stand (called a Passenger Information Panel) will show detailed information such as route number, destination, departure time and any service deviations. You can now queue to board your bus.

    There are three entrances to Perth Busport through either the King Street, Queen Street or Yagan Square.

    There are lifts, stairs and escalators at each entrance to take you down to the underground lounge level and all 16 bus stands.

    There are automated help points in all three entrances and three more down in the lounge. They provide service information and will link to emergency help if required.

    There is also a Customer Service Desk in the lounge with friendly staff on hand to help passengers with information and accessibility requirements.

    The Yagan Square entrance, the closest to Perth Station, is home to the Transperth InfoCentre.


    Once inside Perth Busport, if you know which bus you want to catch there are only three things you need to do:

    Sit – Grab a seat, find your bus on the screen and wait for it to arrive and be allocated a stand.

    Stand- Watch the screens for your stand number, which will be allocated at least two minutes before your bus is due to depart.

    Go – Once your bus is allocated a stand the bus will arrive, head over to your stand and jump on board.