The New Perth Busport

June 23, 2016

    There are three entrances to Perth Busport through either the King Street, Queen Street or Yagan Square.

    Services will no longer run from Roe Street Bus Station and will now run from the following stands at Perth Busport

    The following services will also undergo time and route changes:

    • Routes 81, 82, 83, 84 and 85 will revert to their former route into the CBD operating via Sutherland St and Wellington St in lieu of Roe St.
    • Route 84 will also run an additional trip on a Sunday evening.
    • Route 85 will also run several additional trips throughout the week including later weeknight trips and a new Sunday service providing improved public transport access within West Leederville.

    Route 386 will undergo the following number change

    • Route 386 will now run as an all stops service.
    • Route 386 limited stops services will be renumbered to Route 385 to avoid confusion
    • Route 385 will run the same route at the same times as the limited stops Route 386.

    The following services will also undergo changes unrelated to the opening of Perth Busport:

    The following services will be renumbered and will undergo time changes:

    • Route 881 will be renumbered to Route 114
    • Route 940 will be renumbered to Route 115 and will operate will run with less services on Sunday evening.

    The following routes will undergo time changes:

    • Routes 150, 160, 170, 176, 179, 245, 250, 352, 422, 450, 460, 461, 462, 463, 464, 465, 466, 467, 468, 469, 504, 514 and 531.

    The following routes will operate with additional trips:

    • Route 177 will run with additional services on Sunday evening
    • Route 254 will run a new two hourly service on Sundays replacing Byford services previously provided on Route 251.
    • Route 254 will also run an additional weekday evening service from Armadale to Byford.
    • Route 341 will run one additional afternoon trip from Morley Bus Station to Beechboro
    • Route 415 will run one additional morning peak trip from Stirling Station to Mirrabooka Bus Station and one additional morning peak trip from Mirrabooka Bus Station to Stirling Station
    • Route 421 will run one additional morning peak trip from Scarborough Beach to Stirling Station
    • Route 525 will run an additional eight trips during weekday peak improving the frequency to every 10 minutes
    • Route 526 will run an additional trip during afternoon school peak
    • Route 532 will run two additional short trips, one will replacing a withdrawn Route 522 trip
    • Route 930 will have a number of the afternoon peak services currently running between Elizabeth Quay Bus Station and Westfield Carousel Shopping Centre extended to Thornlie Station
    • Additional Route 930 services will also run on Sunday evenings.

    The following routes will operate with a reduced number of trips / shortened trips:

    • Route 251 will run a reduced number of services throughout the week due to poor patronage
    • Route 252 will no longer extend Saturday services to Serpentine due to poor patronage. Between Mundijong and Armadale there is no change to the number of trips running. Serpentine passengers can catch TransWA Australind services which operate to Armadale / Perth twice daily
    • Route 423 will no longer run the 7.55am trip from Karrinyup Bus Station to Stirling Station due to poor patronage. Passengers can instead catch the 7.49am or 7.59am. The 8.05am trip departing Stirling Station to Warwick Station on weekdays will depart at the earlier time of 7.54am. This change will ensure an on-time arrival at Sacred Heart College.
    • Route 491 will undergo timechanges and run with a reduced number of trips
    • Route 520 will run with less trips on a Sunday evening, however an additional trip will run for weekday peak servicing Lakelands Senior High School
    • Route 522 will run one less trip to Cockburn Central. This trip will be replaced with and additional short Route 532.