Philadelphia Metro Area Service Changes

August 1, 2018


    Saturday, August 4 through Sunday, August 19, 2018

    • The Southwest Connection Improvement Program will rebuild the mainline infrastructure on the Media/Elwyn Line between 30th Street Station and Arsenal Interlocking, just below University City Station, portions of which date more than 80 years.
    • This track area also supports Wilmington/Newark and Airport Line services making it a critical rail connection for Southwest Philadelphia, Center City, Delaware County, and the economic vitality of the region.
    • Special construction Regional Rail timetables will be in effect for the Media/Elwyn and Wilmington/Newark Line Service.
    • The Airport Line will operate as Shuttle Bus service with a special construction schedule.

    Overall Program Scope

    • Reconfigure and replace the existing Arsenal Interlocking (area of switches)
    • Remove the existing Walnut Interlocking and realign rail
    • Create a new Interlocking and turn back track near University City Station
    • Replace the overhead contact system and the Overhead Catenary System structures
    • Repair/Upgrade retaining walls and structural elements inside Walnut St Tunnel
    • Repair drainage structures

    Scheduled Work for 2018

    At Arsenal Interlocking:

    • Replace 3 High Speed Track Turnouts and Adjust Track Alignment
    • Replace and realign Catenary Wire to match track adjustments
    • Communication & Signals Prep Work (for later phases of the project)

    Along Airport Line:

    • Inspection and Heavy Maintenance along track area – debris removal, brush cutting, painting, and bridge inspection

    Woodland Avenue Bridge Project

    • On-going construction work to replace bridge spanning Media/Elwyn Line tracks

    Impact to Service

    In order to support the work taking place and maintain service, special schedules will be in effect for the Media/Elwyn, Wilmington/Newark, and Airport Lines. Express service will be discontinued, service levels will be adjusted, and most trip travel times will increase. Click on the buttons below to view the summary of changes:

    Service Changes at University City for All Lines

    Media/Elwyn Line

    Wilmington/Newark Line

    Airport Line



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