PM fare collection starts today

August 1, 2016

    Weekday PM Fare Collection at Center City Regional Rail Stations

    Weekday PM Fare Collection at Center City Regional Rail Stations

    Starting TODAY, during PM travel hours (3:00 p.m. – 6:30 p.m.) all fares will be collected or validated, before customers go to the platform area at Temple, Jefferson, Suburban, 30th, & University City Regional Rail Stations.

    Fare Collection personnel will be stationed by each stairway. Once the fare has been validated or collected, customers will be able to proceed directly to the train platform and all stairways will be open.

    Cash will not be accepted for pre-boarding payment and on-board fare payment or collection will not occur at these Stations. Customers with cash must purchase a ticket at the Station Ticket Office before going to the stairway fare line.

    PM Fares will be handled as follows:

    • Passes/Valid Transit ID: present for validation
    • Tickets: punch and collect (1 ticket)
    • Valid Transit ID (i.e., PA Senior Transit Card/PA Reduced Fare Card):present ticket and ID to Fare Collection personnel – no cash will be accepted

    This interim change in the PM fare collection process is intended to address service concerns resulting from customer congestion at the Center City Stations and on trains, improving operational efficiencies, and promoting safe customer travel. The procedures for AM, Evening, and Weekend fare collection will not change.