Philadelphia Metro Area Updates

October 25, 2018

    Shuttle Bus | Manayunk/Norristown Line

    Weekend Shuttle Bus Substitution at Elm Street & Main Street Stations

    Saturday & Sunday: October 27-28 & November 3-4 & 10-11, 2018

    UPDATED SHUTTLE BUS/TRAIN SCHEDULE: Please note, the Shuttle Bus and Train timetable has been updated and includes EARLIER Shuttle Bus departure times and adjustments to Train departure timesbetween Norristown TC and Manayunk Stations (Bus and Train departures are highlighted in the timetable linked below).

    Due to construction, Shuttle Bus service will operate in place of select Trains at Elm Street and Main Street Stations on the dates noted above. Customers must make the Bus/Train connection at Norristown Transportation Center for continued service to/from Center City.

    Please refer to the special weekend timetable (linked below) as Shuttle Bus departure times ore different than regularly scheduled Train times.

    DOWNLOAD | Saturday & Sunday Manayunk/Norristown Line Shuttle Bus and Train Timetable (PDF)

    Service Information

    INBOUND Service (toward Center City):

    Shuttle Buses will replace Train departing between 8:40 a.m. and 5:40 p.m. (highlighted in the timetable)

    Buses depart 13 minutes EARLIER than regularly scheduled Trains

    Transfer from Shuttle Bus to Train at Norristown TC. Trains will depart 6 minutes EARLIER and will resume the regular schedule at Manayunk Station

    OUTBOUND Service (toward Norristown TC):

    Shuttle Buses replace Trains arriving at Norristown TC between 8:23 a.m. and 5:23 p.m.

    Board regularly scheduled Trains at Center City for service toward Norristown TC. Trains operate at different times between Manayunk and NTC

    Transfer from Train to Shuttle Bus at Norristown TC for service to Main Street and Elm Street Stations

    Alternate Accessibility Options to/from Center City and Elm Street:

    A temporary list will provide access to the Norristown Transportation Center train platform for customers traveling to/from Center City. Please notify SEPTA personnel at Norristown TC for access to the platform.

    Weekend Opposite Side Boarding: Norristown Transportation Center, Conshohocken, Spring Mill, and Miquon Stations

    Saturday & Sunday: October 27-28 & November 3-4, 10-11, 2018

    Due to construction, ALL Trains will board from the OUTBOUND (toward Elm Street) platform between 8:10 a.m. and 5:30 p.m. at Conshohocken, Spring Mill, and Miquon Stations.

    Train #209 (departing Conshohocken Station at 8:56 a.m.) will be the first train to board from the OUTBOUND platform. Train #227 (departing Conshohocken at 5:56 p.m.) will be the first train to resume normal boarding locations.

    Boarding information is subject to change. Please listen for Station announcements for any additional changes to boarding information.


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