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January 25, 2019

    Trolley Routes 101 & 102 Improvement Project

    Shuttle Bus Service Replaces ALL Trolleys Friday Evenings & Saturdays and Sundays

    JANUARY: 25-27, 2019
    FEBRUARY: 1-3, 8-10, 15-17 & 22-24, 2019

    • SEPTA has begun a necessary improvement project that includes upgrades to several track switches, the installation of new track crossovers, the replacement of track ties at select locations, and the adjustment of the trolley overhead catenary wire.
    • During construction, shuttle bus service will operate in place of all Route 101 and 102 Trolleys between 69th St. Transportation Center and the end of each trolley route.

    Construction Schedule Subject to Change Due to Winter Weather:

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    Route 101/102 Shuttle Bus Service Information:

    • Shuttle bus substitution will begin Friday evenings at 7:13 p.m. (please check the timetables, linked below, for complete shuttle bus service information).
    • Users should plan for up to 15 minutes of additional travel time.
    • Shuttle buses will board at or near trolley stations. Please look for 101/102 boarding signs at the station for boarding locations.
    • Regularly scheduled Weekday trolley service will resume on the following Monday.

    Shuttle Bus Schedules:

    Customers should refer to the PDF timetables below for complete shuttle bus service information.

    Route 101:

    Route 102:

    Shuttle Bus Boarding Information:

    Trolley Routes 101 & 102
    Trolley StationBus Boarding Location
    69th St. Transportation Center69th St. TC West Terminal
    Fairfield Ave.Garrett Rd. & Chestnut St.
    Walnut St.TO 69th St.: Garrett Rd. at Walnut St.
    TO Media/Sharon Hill: Use Garrett Rd. and Walnut St. (use wooden platform)
    Avon Rd.Garrett Rd. & Avon Rd.
    Hilltop Rd.No service at this station during construction
    Beverly Blvd.TO 69th St.: Garrett Rd. at Beverly Blvd.TO Media/Sharon Hill: Use Garrett Rd. and Beverly Blvd.

    (use wooden platform for outbound service

    Congress Ave.Garrett Rd. at Congress Ave.
    Lansdowne Ave.Garrett Rd. at Lansdowne Ave.
    Drexel ParkGarrett Rd. Fairfax Rd.
    Irvington Rd.Garrett Rd. at Irvington Rd.
    Drexel Hill Jct.Garrett Rd. at Shadeland Ave.
    Trolley Route 101
    Huey Ave.At Station
    School LaneAt Station
    AroniminkAt Station
    Anderson Ave.State Rd. at Anderson Ave.
    DrexelbrookTO 69th St.: State Rd. at Wildell Rd.
    TO Media: State Rd. at Stanbridge Rd.
    DrexelineRoute 111 Bus stop for service to/from 69th St.
    Scenic Rd.Rolling Rd. at Scenic Rd.
    Springfield Rd.Windsor Cir. At Springfield Rd.
    Saxer Ave.Saxer Ave. at Rolling Rd.
    Leamy Ave.Rolling Rd. at Leamy Ave.
    Woodland Ave.Woodland Ave. at Trolley Station
    Thomson Ave.Thomson Ave. at Trolley Station
    Springfield MallTO 69th St.: Springfield Mall at Bus Route 107 Shelter
    TO Media: Springfield Mall at Bus Route 110 Shelter
    Paper Mill Rd.No service at this station during construction
    Pine RidgeTO 69th St.: Baltimore & Grandview
    TO Media: Baltimore & Chesley
    Beatty Rd.Baltimore Pike at Beatty Rd.
    Providence Rd.State St. at Providence Rd.
    Manchester Ave.State St. at Manchester Ave.
    Edgmont St.State St. at Edgmont St.
    Monroe St.State St. at Monroe St.
    Jackson St.State St. at Jackson St.
    Olive St.State St. at Olive St.
    Veterans Sq.State St. at Veterans Sq.
    Orange St.State St. at Orange St.
    Trolley Route 102
    Trolley StationBus Boarding Location
    GarrettfordTO Sharon Hill: Burmont & Cheswold Rds.
    TO 69th St.: Burmont Rd. & Jones St.
    Drexel ManorTO Sharon Hill: Burmont & Cheswold Rds.
    TO 69th St.: Burmont Rd. & Jones St.
    Marshall Rd.Burmont & Marshall Rds.
    Creek Rd.Bridge St. & Dennison Ave.
    Baltimore Ave.Glenwood & Baltimore Aves.
    Penn St.Broadway Ave. & Penn St.
    Springfield Rd.Springfield Rd. & Madison St.
    Clifton-AldanWoodlawn Ave. & Springfield Rd.
    Providence Rd.Woodlawn Ave. & Providence Rd.
    Magnolia Ave.Woodlawn Ave. & Magnolia Aves.
    North St.Woodlawn Ave. & Spruce St.
    Bartram Ave.Wooodlawn & Bartram Aves.
    Andrews Ave.Woodlawn & Andrews Aves.
    MacDade Blvd.MacDade Blvd. & Wayne Ave. (At Route 113 Bus Shelter)
    Sharon HillChester Pike at Trolley Station


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