Attention Carpool passengers: Pricing changes in Carpool rides!

January 23, 2017

    Dear passengers,

    Here at Moovit Carpool we believe that our community of drivers and passengers know best what’s right for them.

    This is why we decided to change the way Carpool rides are being priced.

    Starting today, Carpool drivers will decide and set their rides price, without us interfering in the process.

    Please note, if a ride request is for only a percentage of the full trip, the price will be the same percentage from the price the driver set for the full trip. For example, if a request is for 80% of the trip (by distance), the price will be 80% of the price the driver set.

    MooviTIP: Each day many new drivers join our service. Therefore, we recommend you explore the different Carpool options and compare their price before booking a ride.

    That’s it, all you need to do now is join as many rides as you want and get to your destination fast and easy.

    Safe traveling!

    Moovit Carpool


    Moovit Carpool’s T&C were recently updated to reflect this change. Learn more here.