Citilink Navy line passing Washington Street

Proposed Changes in Transit & Updates

September 23, 2020


    Due to the financial impact created by the COVID-19 crisis, MDOT MTA has proposed service changes to CityLink, LocalLink, and Express BusLink services that would enable the agency to maintain the most service possible, especially for the transit-dependent households, while meeting the budgetary challenges faced by the state.

    The service changes are proposed to be effective on January 3, 2021.

    For a complete list of service modifications and public hearing dates. please see the agency link HERE

    For MTA/MDOT up-to-the-minute alerts please see the agency Twitter feed HERE



    80, P6 & X2

    • Temporary Detour: Chinatown Arch Construction, Sept 23-25
    • For more information on this detour and how it might affect your line please see the agency link HERE


    Yellow Line

    • Huntington station’s south entrance is closed due to escalator replacement. The north entrance remains open. Shuttles provided.

    Further Metrorail and Metrobus schedule & general info. is available via the agency website HERE 


    Safe Travels!