Public transportation on Memorial Day and Independence Day

Dear Passengers,

During the upcoming week, public transportation will operate as follows:

  1. On Memorial Day Eve, Monday, April 27th, public transportation will operate until 20:00
  2. On Memorial Day, Tuesday, April 28th, public transportation will operate until 17:00
  3. On Independence Day – Wednesday, April 29th, there will be no service
  4. Service will return again on Thursday morning (April 30th) at 05:00 and according to the first departure times

Israel Railways service is still suspended until further notice.


During Coronavirus (Covid-19) days, we in Moovit consider the health of our user community and all public transportation users as a top priority. Please follow the guidelines of the Ministries of Health and Transportation for your own health and safety as well as that of those around you.


Moovit is updated with the latest changes released by the Ministry of Transportation and will continue updating upon further expected changes.



The Moovit Team