Railways to launch Smart Coaches

April 25, 2023

    Railway coaches will soon be as ‘smart’ as metro trains. These railway trains will be equipped with modern technologies, like Artificial Intelligence (AI) to improve passenger security and improve train efficiency. The first such ‘state-of-the-art’ coach was unveiled at the Modern Coach Factory in Raebareli on Tuesday. The Railways plans to make 100 such trains as a pilot project called ‘Smart Trains’.

    These coaches will have sensors that can detect defects on bearings, wheels and railway tracks. This will provide the train authorities with constant feedback. Early detection of these faults will enable the Railways to plan maintenance in advance and avoid accidents, which will boost train efficiency. Besides, the modern infotainment system installed, you will be able to locate trains in real-time.

    Additionally, Artificial Intelligence-powered CCTVs will help officials keep a tab on any incidents and passengers will also be able to communicate with the railway staff if they require any assistance.