Red Line Construction

April 7, 2016

    Red Line construction

    Port Authority will close a section of the Red Line starting Sunday, March 27, to replace the aging and deteriorating light rail tracks between Fallowfield and Potomac stations. Work will be done in two phases over a six-month period.

    Port Authority encourages riders to familiarize themselves with the many options to navigate construction:

    •    Red Line: The Red Line will only operate between Allegheny and Fallowfield stations, serving all stations in between, including those in Downtown.

    •    Beechview Bus Shuttle: A FREE bus shuttle will run on Broadway Avenue, stopping at all existing light rail stops between the Fallowfield and Potomac stations.  The shuttle will run every 12 minutes during the am and pm rush hour and every 30 minutes non-rush hour, evenings and weekends.

    •    Special Rail Shuttle: A FREE special Light Rail Shuttle will run between the Potomac and Overbrook Junction light rail stations. Riders can connect with the Blue Line at Overbrook Junction/Willow Station. This special shuttle will run every 12 minutes during the am and pm rush hour, every 20 minutes between rush hours and weekends, and every 30 minutes weekday evenings.

    •    42 Dormont Bus Route: A temporary bus route will operate between the Mt. Lebanon Station and Downtown via West Liberty Avenue during weekday am and pm rush hours only. All posted stops along the route will be served. Riders will pay the standard Zone 1 fare of $2.50.

    •    41 Bower Hill: This existing bus route will continue to operate on its regular schedule, serving West Liberty stops from Bower Hill Road to Downtown.

    •    Blue Line: The Authority is adding additional trips throughout the day.

    The section of rail being replaced has reached the end of its useful life and would continue to cause more intrusive service disruptions if left untouched.

    Port Authority has incorporated several changes to the project to address concerns within the Beechview community, where the work will occur on Broadway Avenue. The Authority thanks the Beechview community for its patience during the work and the elected officials and community leaders who have collaboratively worked to address these concerns.

    In Beechview, Port Authority will maintain one lane of vehicular traffic in each direction on Broadway Avenue. Jersey Barriers will be placed in the center of Broadway Avenue where the rail tracks and street pavement will be replaced.

    On-street parking will be maintained on one side of Broadway Avenue in the business district along with access to the city-owned parking lot in that area. Additional parking is being provided at St. Catherine of Siena church along Broadway Avenue – marked spaces only on weekdays.

    The project will be done in phases to provide more parking options for residents and businesses during the work.

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