Station Crowded

Report Incidents & Conditions as you commute

January 31, 2017

    Ever waited for the bus only for it to arrive, packed with commuters? Maybe it was so packed that it didn’t stop at all? Or maybe you got to the station, but then found out that there was a problem with the conditions of the facility because the escalator wasn’t working? Have you wished you could have seen a report about this?

    You felt like you were voiceless, but Moovit is here to give you a voice and help share your experience with the agency and other transit riders by leaving a report about a line or station.

    Reporting a Station

    To report facility conditions, crowdedness, or an incident at a stop or station, open the Stations tab, select your station from the map and tap on the 3-dot button on the top right of the screen for that station.

    Choose ‘Report service status’, select the relevant category and leave your remarks.


    Reporting a Line

    To report a line, first choose the line you are on from the Stations screen or the Lines tab. Tap on the 3-dot button beside the line name and choose ‘Report service status’.


    The more information you provide the more useful your report is to both the agency and other riders!