La Plata’s Local Hero

November 28, 2017

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    la plata cathedral

    In Richard’s eyes, public transit is a solution for many problems. Even before Richard, our Ambassador from La Plata, Argentina, joined us as a Mooviter, he was a public transit advocate. He made this clear while attending a conference about a new hospital in his city. He asked why people were still taking the long journey to the older hospital and not visiting the new hospital in closer proximity. He discovered it was due to insufficient public transportation to the newer location. Richard has always understood the importance of public transportation for daily life, whether visiting family and friends, going to work, or attending an appointment at the hospital.

    richard, la plata

    About a year and a half ago, Richard came across an article in a local newspaper about the all-encompassing public transit app, Moovit. Although already familiar with his local lines, he decided to take the app for a test run. He was impressed by the functionality of the app but realized the information about his local lines could be improved. He decided to do just that, and clicked on the “improve your city” call to action to join the Mooviter Community. Initially Richard joined the Mooviter Community to add some missing stops from his local lines, but he got hooked and eventually became an Ambassador. After the welcome message and the conversations that followed with Moovit Team member Ivana, whom Richard fondly refers to as his mentor, he realized Moovit was more than just a data-collecting app. It was an app with people at the center. The goal to improve the day-to-day commuter experience for public transit riders around the world was a mission he could get behind.

    Richard’s favorite aspect about being part of the Mooviter Community is being a leader in his own community. He enjoys being able to share his passion for improving public transit with the other Ambassadors around the world. The Mooviter Community, beyond helping improve urban mobility on a global scale, provides a space for public transit enthusiasts to learn from and share experiences with each other.

    Richard studies medicine and has multiple hobbies, include running, cycling, reading, and spending time with friends. Still Richard somehow fits into his busy schedule being the local hero of public transit in La Plata, along with Buenos Aires, Mar del Plata, and Bariloche! On behalf of the Moovit Team and public transit riders alike – way to go, Richard!