Ride and pay with Moovit!

Dear riders,

The public transportation payment revolution is already here 🎉

Starting December 15, payment for rides is available in the Moovit app!

Here is everything you need to know 👇

🌟 How do I Register?

The registration can be done directly from the Moovit app that is installed on your device. To sign up, it is recommended to update your app to the latest version that is available in the App Store, and create a payments account by clicking the ‘Join’ button on the ‘Directions’ tab.

🌟 I completed the registration. How do I start validating rides?

Once you have created the payment account, you can start validating rides in the app. On your next ride, look for the QR code sticker located next to the bus driver and near the back doors (in the Metronit, the sticker will be located at the station). Then open Moovit, tap ‘VALIDATE’ on the ‘Directions’ tab, or ‘New Ride’ in ‘My Rides’ (Side Menu), and scan the QR code with your device’s camera. You will then be required to select your trip details.

This is how it works:

🌟 How will the fares be calculated?

The fares in Moovit are calculated according to the new pricing method of the Ministry of Transportation and Treasury based on aerial distance and a daily cap. Rides in the periphery and in Eilat are entitled to additional discounts. The final price for your rides is calculated at the end of each day, and in addition, certain profile types are eligible for a monthly discount. All the details about the new pricing method can be found here.

🌟 Will I have to pay in advance for rides? And can I continue using my Rav-Kav card?

The advantage of paying for rides in Moovit is that there is no commitment to pay in advance for rides (didn’t travel – didn’t pay). You will be charged at the end of the month, and depending on the number of trips actually taken. You can still use your Rav-Kav card, but remember these are two separate means of payment that are not synchronized with each other.

🌟 Is it possible to pay via the app in all means of transportation?

It is possible to pay for bus rides countrywide (including Metronit in Haifa) in Israel Railways in the Light Rail in Jerusalem and in the Carmelit and Rachbalit in Haifa.

🌟 I am entitled to a discount on public transport rides. Is it possible to get this discount through you?

Sure! During the registration process, you can select the desired profile type and will be requested to upload the relevant certificates. According to the guidelines of the Ministry of Transportation, the profile will be approved and you will be able to start validating rides with a discount according to the profile you have chosen. More information about profiles that are eligible for discounts can be found here.

🌟 Do the fares in the Suggested Routes reflect the real price I will pay for each trip?

The fares that appear in the Suggested Routes screen demonstrate a single trip with an Adult profile on buses (including Metronit in Haifa), Israel Railways and Carmelit as part of the new pricing method.

If in your planned route, the sum of the single rides exceeds the cost of the daily cap for the desired distance, the price to be displayed for the trip will be the price of the daily cap.

The prices that appear for Service Taxis and the Light Rail in Jerusalem reflect the former pricing method and not the new pricing method that is synced with payments via Moovit.

To join and create your payments account, look for the ‘Join’ banner on the home screen or click here.


Safe travels 🙂

The Moovit Team