October 29, 2018


    How much does it cost?

    € 7,00

    Please remember that….

    Valid for 24 hours from first validation for unlimited journeys within the city of  Rome.
    Where do I buy it?
    – Atac ticket offices
    – authorized Points of sale
    – Automatic ticket machines

    Where can I use it?
    Within the territory of Rome:
    – on buses, trams and trolleybuses;
    – on Cotral buses (urban route);
    – on Metro Lines;
    – on Regional Trains (urban route): Trenitalia (2nd class only), Roma-Lido, Roma – Giardinetti and Roma-Viterbo.
    This ticket may not be used for the following bus/train connections:
    – Cotral line Roma Tiburtina/Termini – Fiumicino Airport;
    – Trenitalia non-stop connection Roma Termini – Fiumicino Airport.

    Don´t forget….
    Make sure you validate your ticket at the beginning of your first journey and when you switch to a Metro line.
    You find validators on: buses, trams, trolleybuses, along the Regional Rail lines Termini-Centocelle, Roma-Viterbo, Roma-Lido and Trenitalia lines and at the entrance of all Metro lines.

    The ticket must be kept throughout the journey and displayed in case of a ticket inspection.
    In case of validator malfunction on Atac buses, trams, trolleybuses, Metro lines and Regional railways as well as on Cotral buses, write date, time and name of the station or vehicle number on your ticket. If you are travelling on Trenitalia trains, please go to a ticket office or to the conductor.

    Passengers found travelling without a valid ticket or with an irregular ticket, will be issued with a penalty fare from 100 up to 500 euros, besides the payment of the ticket price, of the procedural costs and postage charges, if applicable.
    The penalty is reduced to 50 euros if paid within 5 days after notification.

    You are considered travelling without a valid ticket when:
    – although having a ticket, you did not validate it correctly;
    – you are found with a ticket or travel pass that is visibly counterfeit;
    – you are using your ticket beyond its validity period;
    – you are using your ordinary ticket or travel pass on special connections, that  require a specific ticket;
    – you are using  a ticket or travel pass with a lower price or distance coverage than needed.
    – You display a personal pass without having filled in your data or without an ID card.