New in Belgrade! Know when your line will arrive in real-time

May 24, 2024

    Great news! We are so excited to announce that Moovit has updated real-time information in Belgrade, which is the capital and largest city of Serbia. 🚌🤗

    From now, all Moovit users in Belgrade will be able to know their line’s arrival in real-time and avoid wasting time waiting for the next bus or train.

    Would you like to learn more about real-time? See below how Moovit can support you better👇

    Stations tab:

    • Real-Time (green) lets you know how long you will have to wait before your line arrives (e.g. Leaves in 15 min). This time is based on the vehicles’ GPS location, provided by official sources. The accuracy of these times may vary, depending on the quality of the GPS signal, traffic conditions, the stability of the data source, etc.

    Directions tab:

    • Once you’ve planned a trip, choose your preferred route and tap the Navigate button, you will get exact directions from start to finish, which follow you along while you’re on route.
    • Live Directions gives you walking instructions to your station, departure and arrival times of your lines, notifications of when to get off, and the walking route to your final destination. 

    ❤️💚💙 Moovit wishes you safe travels! ❤️💚💙