Christmas Services

December 20, 2016

    On Monday, Dec. 26, 2015, and Monday, Jan. 1, 2016

    • The following bus routes will not run:
      • NX, 1AX, 1BX, 5R, 8AX, 8BX, 9R, 14X, 28R, 31AX, 31BX, 38AX, 38BX, 41, 80X, 81X, 82X, 83X, 88.
    • The 76X Marin Headlands Express will run.
    • Supplemental school-day service will not run.
    • All other bus routes and rail lines will use the Sunday schedule.
    • The Muni Metro will open at 8 a.m. instead of 5 a.m.