This Weekend's BART Closures

April 4, 2017

    BART crews will be rebuilding the trackway between Lake Merritt and Fruitvale stations on selected weekends between April and July as part of our “Better BART” efforts.  No trains will run between those stations and Lake Merritt station will be closed.  Free buses will be available to move riders around the closure. Riders on the Warm Springs/So. Fremont, Dublin and Oakland Airport lines will be impacted.  The buses may add 20 to 40 minutes to your trip.

    BART A15 Operations Map WS FINALsmall

    BART crews cannot complete these critical trackway repairs during the overnight hours when we are normally closed for maintenance, which is why we require this extra time. Once the job is complete, you will experience a safer, quieter and more reliable ride.

    Lake Merritt Station will be closed
    AC Transit will provide bus service on their local 18 (to downtown) and 1 bus routes (to Fruitvale) to and from the station. That service will be free for customers who show their BART Ticket. Extra buses will be provided for trips between Lake Merritt and Fruitvale Station. You can expect 10-25 additional minutes of travel time.

    Buses between Fruitvale and 19th Street Stations provided by AC Transit
    We will have a “bus bridge” during our normal service hours. The bus bridge will cause 20 to 40 minute delays for some customers (especially to OAK airport).