San Francisco Metro Area Updates

September 6, 2018

    SFMTA Fare Changes

    Fare DescriptionPayment MethodPre-Sept. 1Now
    Adult “M” Monthly PassClipper$75$78
    Reduced Fare Monthly PassClipper$38$39
    Lifeline Monthly PassLimited Locations$38$39
    One Day Passport (Pre-Paid)Clipper/MuniMobile$22$12
    Three Day Passport (Pre-Paid)Clipper/MuniMobile$33$29
    Seven Day Passport (Pre-Paid)Clipper/MuniMobile$43$39
    Day Pass (no cable car)MuniMobileN/A$5

    Please note: Single-ride fares have not changed. The pre-paid single-ride adult fare is $2.50, to pay cash at the farebox it’s $2.75. The pre-paid single-ride reduced fare is $1.25, cash at the farebox costs $1.35.