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Shavuot 2024 - Public Transit Updates 馃尲馃馃尵

June 9, 2024

Dear riders,

We have collected several public transit updates for the upcoming Shavuot holiday this week.

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馃尲 Shavuot Eve – Tuesday, June 11th

On Shavuot eve, most bus lines will operate according to Friday schedules.

There will be an additional service on selected lines. In order to view the full schedules, type in the line number in the Lines tab.

馃尲 Shavuot – Wednesday, June 12

On Shavuot, public transit lines will operate according to Saturday schedule.

馃殕 Israel Railways

During the holiday of Shavuot 2024, the trains will be operated according to a designated schedule, which includes reinforcement and extension of existing train routes.

馃尲 Shavuot Eve (Tuesday, 11.06.24):

  • The trains will operate between 06:00-17:00 in a reinforced format based on the Friday schedules.
  • Train frequency on the Haifa-Tel Aviv line will be two trains every hour (instead of one every hour).
  • A train service will operate on the Dimona-Be’er Sheva line.

馃尲 The evening of Shavuot day (Wednesday, 12.06.24):

  • The trains will operate between 21:30-0000 in a reinforced format based on the Saturday schedules, with additional service on the Dimona鈥揃e’er Sheva line.

馃殟Travel with Naim Busofash and Sababus Ramat Gan

The Naim Busofash (注讬专讬讬转 转诇 讗讘讬讘-讬驻讜) lines and the Sababus (注讬专讬讬转 专诪转 讙谉) lines will operate during Shavuot eve, Tuesday, 11/06, and on Shavuot holiday, Wednesday, 12/06, on a weekend schedule!

It is recommended to plan your trip in advance 馃殽. *There might be unexpected changes.*

Moovit is updated with latest changes that are being published by the bus operators and the Ministry of Transportation.

Happy Holiday and Safe Travels! 馃尰馃А

The Moovit Team