Skip the queue on Rapid Ferry

June 7, 2018

    Did you know that you can skip the queue for ticket while saving money at the same time?

    While many of the commuters travelling on Rapid Ferry queue up for the usual single trip ticket every time they wanted to cross the Penang straits, there are some you may realize who don’t queue up for the ticket and go straight to the ticket gate.

    If you had used the Rapid Ferry surely you will know single adult fare of RM1.20, but for RM30 you can get yourself a season ticket that is good for 60 days, and no more queue until it’s time for renewal!

    Here’s simple calculation we done on few travel scenarios

    Assuming that you uses Rapid Ferry to work over period of 2 months

     Your ticket type 5 working days a week 6 working days a week
     Single trip ticket 48 days = RM57.60 52 days = RM62.40
     Season ticket 48 – 60 days = RM30
    (63¢ daily avg)
     52 – 60 days = RM30
    (58¢ daily avg)
    Potential savings for 60 days* RM27.60* RM22.40*


    *Based on the scenario given. Savings amount may differ based on individual travel pattern.

    Here’s how you can get yourself the season pass and start saving

    At the ticket office, speak to the officer manned on the 3rd counter (see picture below). If the counter is closed, approach any officer from another ticket counter and inform him that you’re applying for season ticket. You’re required to pay a total of RM30 to the officer.

    RapidFerry Ticket office

    Approach officer on counter number 3 for your season pass. If the counter is closed, you can always approach officer on counter 1 or 2


    ” Fun fact: Pulau Undan (pictured on top) is the oldest vessel in Rapid Ferry fleet. It has been operating since 1975 “


    You are required to produce your MyKAD to the officer for the application. The process will take around 10 minutes so please do add that into your journey time.  Once done, voila! your pass is ready

    Rapid Ferry season ticket

    Your season ticket will include your name, ID number and your photo to avoid ticket fraud.

    ticket gate

    Scan the QR code on your season ticket as you would on a single journey ticket and you’re done! Note: ticket scanner are on the left.

    Enjoy your ride and enjoy the savings!

    If you’re looking for season ticket information on the bus service instead, please visit here.


    You ride, Moovit guides!


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