Soon, get real-time bus info on new BMTC website

March 31, 2019

    Bus commuters in the city can soon look forward to a refurbished BMTC website with real-time features

    Student pass renewals for the next academic year and stabilizing the ITS and electronic ticketing machines.

    One of the updating features on the site is that real-time information will be provided to commuters.

    The ‘trip planner’ option right now has static information.

    The technology of the current website has been becoming outdated now, which prompted the need for a facelift.

    BMTC are designing a new one internally now and will also add the option of online booking of casual contract buses.

    While now the trip planner shows direct and transit routes, we cannot estimate the timings because it is all based on static data.

    It would be helpful if the website sells monthly or daily passes online. It will help them cut down on their printing and distributing costs




    Moovit wishes you happy and safe traveling!!




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