Whitchurch Ln, Hareclive Rd CLOSURE

July 18, 2016

    Location: Whitchurch Lane, Hareclive Road
    Dates:14 Jul 2016 to 22 Jul 2016

    The road closure is scheduled to take place from Monday 18th July to Friday 22nd July from 19:00 to 06:00 for 4 nights.

    Service 76  outbound is to turn at double lay-by at Silcox Road then follow diversion along Hawkfield Road and Hengrove Way rejoining normal route at Whitchurch Road.

    Inbound service to divert via Whitchurch Lane, Hengrove Way, Hawkfield Road and Hareclive Road turning at double lay-by at Silcox Road then continuing to Hengrove Park.