Mapping the world before morning coffee

January 26, 2016

    As the Community continues to map cities, we will continue to rely on such Team members as Mor Peer. Mor is Team leader in the Geo-expansion department. She studied Geoinformatics, Geography and Sociology in Jerusalem and then joined Moovit as a GIS Engineer in Oct 2013. These were the fledgling days of the app and Mor worked very closely with the rest of the small team to create and manage the geographic information that powers each city. In the early days Mor mostly manually uploaded and updated the app’s few metros and worked with the R&D department to improve the quality of the app’s data.IMG_3115

    Mor jokes that people shouldn’t talk to her before her morning coffee, but anyone in the office knows that she’s one of the kindest and most patient people there is. Perhaps she claims not to be able to talk before coffee, but even before she drinks her first cup in the morning, she is already busy checking all of the updates for the previous night. These days Mor’s time is mainly occupied by managing the data feeds and representing the geo-needs of the Operations Team with the R&D Team, uploading new cities to the app (including all of the Community cities), working on projects for securing the data and improving the service, building data to add new cities to the app and localization of the app for each city.

    When we asked Mor about her biggest achievement, she told us “I love that feeling I have each time we add a new city to the app and we send an email to the employees to inform them of the new city, the feeling of accomplishment and knowing how many people can potentially benefit from the app now.” She went on, “The more there is a need for the service the happier I am to bring the service to the city.”

    Mor has also been instrumental in implementing the community’s efforts in India, she has learned a lot of new processes and information to provide a good service for India. She stated, “India in particular has a big place in my heart, as I travelled there for several months to enjoy the beauty, sights and sounds of Northern India.”

    Mor has lots of other interests, for example, she plays guitar, attends many live music performances and is taking a writing and poetry course. Furthermore, when she is not managing the data of the world, she is exploring it. She recently told us that she is determined that her next holiday destination will be Iceland, as the country’s natural beauty calls to her.