Spreading the joy at Moovit

November 25, 2015


    This month we have the opportunity to talk with Tali Dayan, she is a key member of the Quality Assurance Team at Moovit and is responsible for the Android, Iphone and Server QA. She is happily married with 2 young children and lives near the Moovit HQ offices. She even jokes that you can even see her house from the offices. Tali has 10 years of experience in QA for customer service web programs and apps, having come straight from a senior position at mysupermarket.com. Tali told us, “I like working with apps that serve a society, either by saving them time or helping in some way.”

    Tali’s job consists of checking the app before and after new version releases, focusing on all of the new specifications from the Product Team. She analyses the app across all devices, but focuses on IOS. She spends most of her time working with new app versions during the process of sending them to the app store. She is constantly checking the versions for bugs. “If you ever write a support email for a bug you see in the app, chances are I see it and investigate it.”

    Tali works closely with the Product and Design Team, giving them feedback about new features, that from the users’ perspective aren’t such a great experience. “I love the fact that my role is hands on and I’m working closely with the Product Team.”

    Another aspect of Tali’s job that makes it so rewarding is working with such a great team and having a wonderful head of department, Nir B! “I’m also excited to work in a startup environment.” She stated. “We also have a lot of fun and the characters of my team make my days so enjoyable.” Tali smiles mischievously as she recounted the Thursday tradition in the QA team, taking selfies and welcoming the weekend with joy. Having recently been at the Moovit annual retreat and spending some quality time with Tali, we can confirm that Tali is fun loving and carries an infectious joyfulness around everywhere she goes.