Find your nearby stations on Moovit

June 7, 2018
    Sometimes you find yourself in a neighborhood that you don’t know too well and want to find which buses run through. The Stations tab is a quick and easy way to figure out exactly which stop you should be at to catch the right line. With Real Time arrivals (in certain cities), you also know if you have enough time to grab a coffee or not while you wait.
    You can move around the map to view the closest stations to a specific spot by placing the orange marker down on the map. In cities with a subway system, such as New York, London, Paris, Los Angeles, and San Francisco, you can even see the underground lines directly on the map. If you tap on any of the station icons, you can get more information about the lines that run through there, and the bike icon shows available bikes at the Bike Share station.
    See the active lines by swiping` up on the Nearby Stations bar to see see a list of stations and real time arrivals. 


    Once you choose your line you will see individual stops on that route as well as the arrival time of the next three buses, and the trip time between stations.
    Tap the Play button to get step by step guide trip guide — it makes riding on transit as easy as driving a car.
    At Moovit, we believe riding is better together, so if you have a friend that could benefit from a smoother journey on public transit, share this with them and let them buy you a coffee for the countless minutes you’ll save them throughout the year. Smooth travels!