Subway Line Changes

January 22, 2019

Constructions at Subway Station Sendlinger Tor

Sendlinger Tor underground station – an important hub in Munich’s underground network – will be extensively refurbished, modernised, redesigned, barrier-free upgraded and extended by approx. 2022.

27th – 31st January, ca. 23.00 until  05.00 hrs

The section Odeonsplatz- Marienplatz – Sendlinger Tor – Goetheplatz is served by a shuttle train in a 15-minute headway.

München U3

U3 runs every 10 minutes between Moosach and Münchner Freiheit and every 15 minutes between Goetheplatz and Fürstenried West. Between Münchner Freiheit and Goetheplatz please use U6 and the shuttle train.

Due to the 15-minute headway between Goetheplatz and Fürstenried West not all connections can be reached as usual – please inform yourself in good time about the best connection for you.

München U6

U6 runs every 10 minutes between Garching-Forschungszentrum and Odeonsplatz as well as between Implerstraße and Klinikum Großhadern. Between Odeonsplatz please use the shuttle train and U3.

Bus München

Take the CityRing 58 / 68 and comfortably pass the bottleneck:

By changing at Giselastraße or Universität and Goetheplatz you can comfortably avoid the closed section with the bus routes 58 and 68 (CityRing). Coming from U1, U2, U4, and U5 please change at Central Station.

Further bypass recommendations:
  • Marienplatz – Harras or Obersendling (Siemenswerke): S7 Wolfratshausen – Harras – Central Station – Marienplatz – Ostbahnhof – Höhenkirchen-Sgbr. – Aying – Kreuzstraße
  • Sendlinger Tor – Poccistraße: Bus route 62, traveling time approx. 10 minutes
  • Coming from U1, U2, U4, and U5 to Marienplatz:  S-Bahn lines S1-S8 from Central Station, traveling time approx. 3 minutes

Source: MVG