Agency Transfers, exclusively with TAP cards

July 10, 2018

    —- Para Español lea abajo—-

    Starting July 15th inter agency transfers will be done exclusively with TAP Cards.

    What’s New! 

    • Transfers between agencies will exclusively be done with a TAP card.
    • You need Stored Value on your card to transfer between agencies; there will be no more paper transfer slips.
    • Your transfer fare will be calculated automatically.
    • The transfer is valid for 2½ hours from when you start your trip.
    • More information can be found on TAP’s website

    What you need to do!

    In lieu of the paper transfer slips, you will have to add Stored Value onto your TAP card in order to make the transfers between agencies. The cost of the transfer will automatically be taken off  your Stored Value when boarding a different transit agency within 2½ hours of your first ride. This will lead to faster boarding and will eliminate the need to carry the exact amount of the transfer.

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