Team Murcia

May 22, 2016

    We move now to Murcia, a city in south-east Spain, to hear the story of Community Ambassadors Daniel and Sebastian. The project began in August of last year when Daniel was looking for a public transport app and found Moovit, but saw it was not yet available in Murcia. Within two short months, Daniel had added all of the inner city lines of the city and Murcia was added to the app. A few short months later, as a result of Daniel’s dedication, the Moovit team invited him to become an Ambassador for Murcia. Daniel will begin college this year, but also enjoys bike riding, cartography, and listening to music. What astounds us is that Daniel doesn’t even take the bus that often, but cares more about his contributions helping others.


    Soon after Murcia was launched on the app, Sebastian, who also loves photography and capturing his city’s beauty in snapshots, joined the efforts. Interestingly, Sebastian actually joined the Community a while ago but was recently inspired by Daniel and thus began to actively contribute to the information for the city. We asked him to describe some of his achievements so far and he replied, “Undoubtedly, the power to share such information with others, given the limited information that exists in the region of Murcia on public transport. It’s amazing how each person can contribute their part.”

    Daniel and Sebastian began to collaborate exceptionally well. They used the Community Wall to exchange ideas, utilize each others’ knowledge of the city to collate information and discuss expanding the coverage of the app. It was at this point that Daniel wanted to share the role of area Ambassador with Sebastian. This marvelous dual approach, combined with their open communication style, means there is no stopping these guys. Sebastian explains that since being appointed as a partner Ambassador, “My commitment to the Community has increased a lot… you discover how much you know about public transportation in your city, and how useful this knowledge can be for other people who use the bus, tram and train daily.”

    We asked the guys about their next steps and Daniel told us, “Right now we’re mapping to include Cartagena’s [a city further south of Murcia] lines in the app.” Daniel elaborated on their plan, “…we are striving to have all the Regional lines mapped, which would have information on public transport lines in an area of ​​11,300 km2 and for 1,400,000 people.” This is a very important achievement for Daniel, Sebastian and the entire region of Murcia!