Tips to power up your commute during Ramadan

May 6, 2019

    It is the long-awaited holy month of Ramadan now! As Muslims fulfill their religious practice of fasting from dawn to dusk, which is more than 12 hours of fasting! We had come out with some tips to help you power up your commute during this holy month.

    Don’t miss sahoor.

    Fasting day should always start with nutritious sahoor (pre-dawn meals), as this is essential to fuel your energy throughout your day. Pamper yourself with food that is rich in fiber, protein and complex carbohydrates, that will keep you energized throughout your commute and most importantly, your day.

    Pamper your body with plenty of liquid during sahoor/iftar

    Travelling in a tropical country like Malaysia definitely will drain our body out of crucial liquid, especially during hot summer afternoon. Always hydrate with plenty of water, or traditional favourite of dates and desserts. Isotonic drink also a good choice to fill up the hydration level.

    Plan ahead your journey

    Try avoid busy hours so you can always have more comfort of not getting on crowded bus or train, always find a seat for yourself and if seats are all taken up, feel free to lean against the wall of the bus or train. Please take care of your own safety, do not lean near to the door.

    Get enough sleep during the night

    Last but not least, always get enough sleep during the night. A night of good sleep will help you get your mind energized for the day and avoid staying up late at night. And you’ll wake up energize the next day.

    Last but not least, we wish every Muslims Ramadan Mubarak


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