Toronto street cars in route on sunny day and clear blue skies

College Street construction

July 5, 2016

    Construction on College Street this summer and fall

    This summer and fall, TTC and the City of Toronto will be working to improve several sections of College Street between Lansdowne Avenue and Bay Street. Track reconstruction at the intersections of College Street and Bathurst Street (June 20 to July 12), and at College Street and Lansdowne Avenue (July 25 to August 8) will require full road closures and temporary changes to TTC service. City watermain upgrades, streetscaping and lighting installation will also require lane restrictions and transit diversions until the fall.

    TTC service adjustments as a result of construction to October 8, 2016

    506 Carlton weekday service will be split into two portions (east and west) from June 19 to October 8. Streetcars will be converted to buses on the western portion of College Street between Keele Station and the downtown area. Streetcar service will be maintained on the eastern portion of the route between Main Street Station and the downtown area.

    506 Carlton weekend and 306 overnight service will operate as buses along the entire route from Main Street to Keele stations to accommodate City watermain relining work on Gerrard Street East. During road closures for track work, 506/306 bus service will be diverted around the intersections. At other times, buses will operate along regular routing with lane restrictions in place. Streetcars return to the entire route on October 9 when the other City projects on College Street are complete.

    511/310 Bathurst streetcar route will operate with buses from June 19 until July 30. The 511/310 Bathurst route will divert during the College Street and Bathurst Street intersection closure.

    47 Lansdowne bus route will divert starting June 13 due to City watermain upgrades on Lansdowne Avenue south of Dundas Street. In late July during the College Street and Lansdowne Avenue closure for track work, this diversion will be modified.