Traffic police adopt new strategy to curb Violations

January 31, 2019
    Looks like every Bengalurean’s wish for better traffic management has been heard!!  😀

    Traffic won’t be stopped and fined during peak hours also private parking won’t be allowed around schools.

    4 to 5 policemen are deployed at junctions to impose fines for traffic rule violations during peak hours.

    The need is to regulate and not to enforce rules which means deployment of more traffic cops during (8-11am & 4-7pm) to ensure that people follow rules.

    But this does not mean that violators will be let off, if the offence is visible and major, they will not be spared.

    The police department is also conducting a detailed study on all congested junctions of city to strategise for better traffic movement.

    The parking ban near schools will only be imposed on vehicles that belong to people who come to shop or work in offices near schools.

    This move will also ensure safety of young children outside schools during peak hours.


    Moovit wishes you happy and safe travelling!!




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