Train shutdown – Try Moovit Carpool.

September 19, 2016

    Looking for a solution while the trains aren’t running? Try Moovit Carpool.

    Due to increased demand we are happy to announce that Moovit Carpool rides will now be free for all rides until September 26th.

    Plan your trip as usual in the Moovit app (make sure you are using the latest version) and find carpool rides alongside public transport results.

    Rides are added continuously, so it’s worth while checking near your departure time.

    Tip: Search for your Carpool ride the evening before (always change the exit time for the morning you want to ride) and send your carpool request to secure your place.

    This is how it looks in the Moovit app:


    Planing to drive?
    Download Moovit Carpool for drivers, share your ride with other passengers and save hundreds of shekels a month on your car expenses.

    If you have friends that use public transport, share this page with them and help them travel smoother.