Tram Construction 2018

November 22, 2018
Track renewal and reconstruction measures are currently being carried out in the Lindwurm-/Müllerstraße area and at the Petuelring bus turning loop. For this reason, some tram and bus routes have to be diverted, truncated or reconnected until approx. Saturday, 8 December 2018.

The conversion of the Petuelring bus turning loop will continue until approx. Monday, 26 November 2018.

 Since Monday, 29 October 2018 the following changes apply:

MVG Tram 16

Tram 16 runs on the shortened route Romanplatz – Central Station and continues as tram 18 via Trappentreustraße and Westendstraße to Gondrellplatz.

For Karlsplatz (Stachus) and Sendlinger Tor please use tram 17 from Central Station or underground services.

In the east, substitution tram 36 runs Isartor – Maxmonument – Lehel – Tivolistraße – Effnerplatz – St. Emmeram.

Please use S-Bahn services between Central Station and Isartor or take the U4 to/from Lehel or Arabellapark.

Tram 17 München

Tram 17 runs on the shortened route Amalienburgstraße – Central Station – Sendlinger Tor. The stops at Müllerstraße and Reichenbachplatz are suspended.

The section Isartor – Max-Weber-Platz – Effnerplatz – St. Emmeram is served by substitution tram 37.

Please use U4 for journeys between Central Station resp. Karlsplatz (Stachus) and Arabellapark as a bypass as well.

Tram 18 München

Tram 18 runs on the shortened route Gondrellplatz – Westendstraße – Trappentreustraße – Central Station and continues as tram 16 to Romanplatz.

The section Karlsplatz (Stachus) – Sendlinger Tor – Ostfriedhof – Schwanseestraße is served by replacement bus 18.

Please use tram lines 17 and 19, U4 / U5, S-Bahn services or the short footpath along Schützen- and Bayerstraße (approx. 350 meters) to link up between Central Station and Karlsplatz (Stachus). Between Giesing Bf. or Fraunhoferstraße and Sendlinger Tor / Central Station please use U2 / U7 as well.

Tram 21 München

Tram 21 runs on the extended route St.-Veit-Straße – Ostbahnhof – Max-Weber-Platz – Maxmonument – Marienplatz (Theatinerstraße) – Karlsplatz (Stachus) – Hauptbahnhof Nord – Leonrodplatz – Westfriedhof.

Thus a continuous connection between the city center and the Berg-am-Laim-Straße / Kreillerstraße area is provided permanently and the highly sought-after section Max-Weber-Platz – Karlsplatz (Stachus) is condensed to a 5 minutes interval.

At Karlsplatz (Stachus) tram 21 departs in both directions at Prielmayerstraße, in front of the Justizpalast (stops of tram 19, exits J / K). The previous stop at Bayerstraße (in front of Galeria Kaufhof) will continue to be served by tram lines 20 and 22.

The Central Station stop at Bahnhofplatz is no longer served by tram 21 – please use tram lines 20 and 22 from there.

Tram 36 München

Die Ersatztram 36 bedient den Linienweg (St. Emmeram -) Effnerplatz – Tivolistraße – Lehel – Maxmonument – Isartor und ersetzt dort die Tram 16.

Der Abschnitt St. Emmeram – Effnerplatz wird von der Ersatztram 36 nur zu den Hauptverkehrszeiten bedient – außerhalb dieser Zeiten nutzen Sie dort bitte die Ersatztram 37.

Ab Isartor fahren die Züge als Linie 37 via Max-Weber-Platz weiter in Richtung Effnerplatz / St. Emmeram.

Für Fahrten aus der / in die Innenstadt nutzen Sie bitte bis / ab Arabellapark bzw. Lehel die U4 / U5 oder bis / ab Isartor die S-Bahnen.

Tram 37 München

Substitution tram 36 runs (St. Emmeram -) Effnerplatz – Tivolistraße – Lehel – Maxmonument – Isartor and replaces tram 16 in this section.

Substitution tram 36 serves the St. Emmeram – Effnerplatz section during peak times only – outside these times please use substitution tram 37.

From Isartor the trains continue as tram 37 via Max-Weber-Platz to Effnerplatz / St. Emmeram.

For trips to/from the city center please use U4 / U5 to/from Arabellapark resp. Lehel or S-Bahn services to/from Isartor.

Nachttram N17 München

Nightline N17 operates Amalienburgstraße – Central Station – Sendlinger Tor. The section Karlsplatz (Stachus) – Isartor – Max-Weber-Platz – Effnerplatz is served by replacement bus N17.

Please change at Karlsplatz (Stachus) between the night lines and replacement bus N17, departing at Sonnenstraße / Bayerstraße junction in front of Hotel Königshof (exit J).

At Sendlinger Tor the buses towards Effnerplatz depart at Blumenstraße / Thalkirchner Straße junction, at Müllerstraße towards Karlsplatz (Stachus) before Müllerstraße / Papa-Schmid-Straße junction. For stop positions between Max-Weber-Platz and Effnerplatz please refer to the local notices of tram 17.

Nachttram N27 München

Nightline N27 runs on the shortened route Petuelring – Kurfürstenplatz – Pinakotheken – Karlsplatz (Stachus) – Sendlinger Tor.

The section Karlsplatz (Stachus) – Ostfriedhof is served by replacement bus N27, the section Ostfriedhof – Wettersteinplatz – Großhesseloher Brücke by substitution tram N15.

At Karlsplatz (Stachus) and Ostfriedhof the connection between the tram and the replacement service is ensured in both directions.

Bus München

Bus 173, 177, 178, N76 (bis 26.11.)

During the modification oft he Petuelring turning loop bus routes 173, 177, 178 and N76 terminate at the temporary Petuelring Nord stop in the Petuelring / Riesenfeldstraße area until approx. Monday, 26 November 2018.

An overview map with the changed stop positions at Petuelring and Petuelring Nord can be found under “Downloads”. Please pay attention to the revised signage in the underground mezzanine as well.

Source: MVG