Get a step-by-step guide to public transit

October 15, 2016
    Moovit Live Directions make traveling by transit as easy as driving a car. Step by step instructions help you explore your city with confidence, whether it’s shopping in a new neighborhood or relaxing in the park on a sunny day.
    Our get off alerts mean that if you venture somewhere new, you can spend the trip chatting with friends or reading a book rather than worrying about where you are going, as we’ll let you know if you need to change lines and when your stop is coming up.
    It’s as easy as pressing “Play”.
     On the Destinations tab, enter your destination in the search bar to start planning a trip. Moovit will provide suggested locations based on your search.
    You now have the option to change the starting point and personalize your journey by tapping “Now” or “Options”.
     Moovit has gone through all the options to provide the best routes.


    Choose your preferred route and adjust the time by tapping “Earlier” or “Later” or swipe to see the preview of other route options.
    Hit the green “Start Live Directions” button to start your step-by-step guide for your journey (similar to GPS for cars).
    • Moovit tells you when your line is arriving, the walking route and how long it takes to walk  
    • How long you need to wait for the transit to arrive
    Moovit 5.0-Directins tab-Live Directions-Wait for
    • And how long to ride for
    • With “Get off alerts” on, we’ll alert you when your stop is coming up, so you can immerse yourself into other activities during your journey
    At Moovit, we believe riding is better together, so if you have a friend that could benefit from a smoother journey on public transit, share this with them and let them buy you a coffee for the countless minutes you’ll save them throughout the year. Smooth travels!