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Travel Advisory for Shangri-La Dialogue 2018

May 29, 2018

    The 17th Shangri-La Dialogue will be held in Singapore from 1 -3 June 2018 (Friday to Sunday) at the Shangri-La Hotel.

    The annual dialogue, one of the world’s top security forums, will bring together ministers and delegates from more than 50 countries in the Asia-Pacific region.

    Police will be conducting road blocks and stringent security checks at and around Shangri-La Hotel during this period.

    The public is advised to comply fully with the instructions of the Police at these check points.

    Anyone who engages in activities that compromise security within the area will be dealt with firmly in accordance with the law, according to Police.

    For public transit riders:

    SBS Transit Express Service 502A, will divert from its regular express route on Friday, 1 June due to road closure along Anderson Road.

    For Motorists:

    • Avoid the surrounding roads of Shangri-La Hotel, especially Anderson Road and Orange Grove Road,
    • Plan journey early as traffic is expected to be slow moving.
    • Use Scotts Road if going to (a) Stevens Road from Tanglin Road; or (b) Orchard Road from Stevens Road; or (c) Balmoral Road.

    Between 11pm on Thursday and 5pm on Sunday, vehicular traffic along Ardmore Park in the direction of Draycott Drive will be reversed. The affected area lies between Anderson Road and lamp post 6 near Ardmore II Condominium.

    Entry of commercial vehicles (with plates starting with “G, W, X and Y”) into Anderson Road will be restricted.

    Commercial vehicles proceeding to Shangri-La Hotel should use Ardmore Park via Draycott Drive or Draycott Park.

    Hotel visitors can take car pool or take public transport as parking will be limited.

    Strict parking restrictions  – vehicles found parking indiscriminately and/or causing obstruction will be towed.

    Do not conduct of any aerial activities (ie. flying of unmanned aircraft, kite-flying and hoisting of captive balloon) in the area and its vicinity.


    “Public understanding and cooperation is greatly appreciated.”


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