Plan a trip using Moovit

October 15, 2016
    Sometimes you know where you’re going, sometimes you don’t. Either way, Moovit will make your trip smooth when you plan a trip on the app.
    Plan a journey in 2 ways:
    1. Get directions to a destination address or Point of Interest (POI)
    2. Find a specific line and stop

    Station Tab

    Type in where you want to go, or select on of the options from your Favorites or Recent Trips.


    Here, you will see the Plan a Trip screen, where you can see tap on “Options” or “Now” to change your trip preferences.
     You can change your mode of transport or time of travel.



    Moovit sorts through all possible ways to get where you’re going and gives you the best choices based on your trip preferences.
    Simply choose your preferred route and you’ll see the full Directions view below. Below the map you’ll see the start & end time for your trip, and you can check earlier and later itineraries. If you’re ready to go, tap the on the “Start Live Directions” button to get GPS style Live Directions that update as you travel.


    Lines Tab

    If you are looking for a route on a specific line, go to the Lines tab to get a full view of all the local transit lines. You use the search bar, or scroll through all the options available.


    Pick your line and you’ll see all the stops for that line. Tap “Change direction” to alter the final destination. Then tap on the stop you will be setting off from to see the Real Time arrivals for the next three buses or trains. Tap “View full schedule” below the stop to get a list of all the scheduled times, as well as the first and last of the day.
    For a carefree ride, tap the play button, select your final stop, and let Moovit send you a Get Off Alert to remind you when your stop is approaching.


    At Moovit, we believe riding is better together, so if you have a friend that could benefit from a smoother journey on public transit, share this with them and let them buy you a coffee for the countless minutes you’ll save them throughout the year. Smooth travels!