House of Cards vs leaving the house

March 5, 2016

    After a hectic week at work, your plush PJs and comfy couch might seduce you into binge watching House of Cards season 4 all weekend.

    However enticing this might be, we also like to fill up our entirely too short weekends with other activities like hanging out with friends (even if it’s to debate just how cunning the Underwoods will be this season).

    With Moovit’s Trip Planner, you can plan based on your arrival time so you know exactly how much of the next episode you can squeeze in before venturing out to meet your friends.

    1. Open the app, plug in your destination and tap “Now”


    2. Tap “Arrive” in the option bar and choose your arrival time


    3. Personalize your trip with your favorite transit and route type. Tap “Search routes”


    4. Choose your preferred route and Moovit will guide you step by step



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