Unsung Moovit Heros of Kuala Lumpur

July 12, 2018

    Moovit Community

    Meet our committed community who helped your commute easier and economical.

    Ever wondered how our information that guides you through your daily commute with public transport be as accurate as possible so you can binge watch your favourite dramas and scroll through catto picture on instagram?

    Well, you need to thank our dedicated community for it! Our Mooviters community are everyday users like yourself but they developed eyes for details. They dedicate their hour to ensure information are up to date so that other users don’t have to go through the pain of navigating with poor bus information.

    Here we are, these fine gentlemen are one ensuring you get the most up to date directions!

    Kwong Tung Nan

    Mr Kwong is also our community ambassador for Kuala Lumpur. He first discovered Moovit back when he is still in high school while experiencing the pain from lack of bus information. He is currently waiting for placement for his higher education, hoping to get a placement into artificial intelligence degree. You can check out his LinkedIn here.

    Fazley Fadzil

    Mr Fazley is equally as active when compared with Ambassador Kwong. A high school student who also suffers from inadequate bus information around his school and home. He discovered Moovit through windowshopping in App Store and found out the community-driven information where he can help other fellow commuters moving around. You can follow him on Twitter @fazleyff and Instagram @fazleyf

    S M Sabri

    En Sabri was one of our earliest contributor to Moovit, he helped us launched our first city in Malaysia, which is Kuala Lumpur. He is currently working with a transportation company in Malaysia specializing in data analytics. You can follow him on Twitter @sabre23t


    Interested to contribute like them too? Find out more about our community program and learn how you can contribute like them from our Community page.

    You ride, Moovit guides!


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