Changes in public transportation in Gush Dan

January 6, 2019
    Last Friday (04.01.18), the Ministry of Transportation implemented changes to the Gush Dan transit network. These changes include the addition of new lines, altered routes of existing lines, increased frequencies of existing lines, and the removal of some lines. For your convenience, Moovit is updated according to these changes so you can plan your journey with peace of mind.

    New lines:

    Dan – Line 62 (Reding-Aluf Sadeh), line 32 (Ramat Gan-Atidim), line 23A (Carmelit-Hashlom train station), lines 28, 28A (Carmelit-Kiryat Shaul).

    Metropoline – Line 21 (Ramat Hasharon-Tel Aviv central station), line 15 (Beit Barbur-Wolfson terminal), line 12 (Kiryat Hinuch-Atidim).

    Afikim – Line 20 (Petah Tikva-Azorey Chen), line 35 (Kiryat Arie parking lot-Hahoresh/Kiryat Arie train station).

    Kavim – Line 256 (Reding-Ganey Tikva).

    Canceled lines:

    Dan – Line 11 (Reding-Carmelit), line 113 (University train station-University train station), line 134 (Bnei Brak-Tel Hashomer), line 141 (Bat Yam cemetry-Atidim), line 220 (Dvora Haneviaa-Carmelit), line 366 (Petah Tikva-Atidim).

    Afikim – Line 127 (Tel Aviv central station-Petah Tikva central station).

    Lines with route changes:

    Dan – Line 23 (Carmelit-Amidar), line 22 (Carmelit-Atidim), line 13 (Wolfson Hospital – University Terminal), line 8 (Atidim-University train station-Neve Sharet), line 45 (University train station-Winter), line 54 (Carmelit-Atidim), line 65 (Arlozorov Train Station-Tel Hashomer), line 266 (Petah Tikva-Atidim), line 279 (Klachkin-Hatayasim), line 304 (Carmelit-Ha-tayasim), line 7B (Tel Aviv-Bnei Brak), line 33 (Reading-Winter Stadium), line 52 (Tel Aviv Central Station-l-Atidim), line 61 (Carmelit-Amidar), line 89 (Dan parking lot-Holon).

    Metropoline – Line 6 (Atidim-University Train Station).

    Afikim – Line 22 (Kiryat Aryeh Train Station-Beit Rivka Hospital)

    Kavim – Line 36 (University Terminal-Or Yehuda).

    Egged – Line 524 (Ra’anana-Tel Aviv Central Station).


    Lines with increased frequency:

    Dan – Line 7 (University Train Station-Wolfson Train Station), line 41 (Tel Aviv Central Station-Wolfson), line 46 (Arlozorov Train Station-Bat Yam Cemetery), line 122 (Carmelit-Atidim), line 204 (Reding-Hatayasim), line 238 (Hadar Ganim-Carmelit), line 239 (Reding-Hatayasim).

    Metropolin – Line 24 (Carmelit-Ramat Hasharon).

    Afikim – Line 64 (Petah Tikva-Tel Aviv Central Station).

    Kavim – Line 236 (Or Yehuda-Tel Aviv), line 137 (University Terminal-Yehud Terminal).

    For further information on these changes, please visit the Ministry of Transport website.

    Safe Travels!