Think outside the box this Valentine’s Day

February 12, 2016

    A fancy dinner isn’t the only way to show your love on Cupid’s holiday. Romance and friendship don’t have to be planned or break the bank. This year, surprise your loved one/ones with a touch of spontaneity.

    Whether you create a treasure hunt around town for your family or play the tourist in a lesser known neighborhood, this weekend is your chance to explore and create memories.

    Moovit’s trip planner and Live Directions make being spontaneous easy for even the most unspontaneous of us.

    1. Open the app, search for a destination and click “Search routes”

    1 search

    2. Choose your preferred route and then press the play button.

    press play

    Moovit guides you every step of your journey. Here’s how it works:

    It shows you exactly where to walk.


    When you are on transit, you will see exactly how many stops there are left.

    4 ride

    And you will even get a notification so you know when to get off.



    Share the love with your friends so they can also use Moovit and have an unforgettable Valentine’s Day.


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