Bikes on Buses

July 12, 2016

    You don’t have to leave your bike at home – the entire TransLink bus fleet is equipped with bike racks. Folding bikes are also allowed on board when folded. Combining cycling and taking the bus is a great way to get around while making sustainability a part of your lifestyle.


    There is no additional cost to take your bike on a bus or community shuttle. It’s free!


    Maximum of two bikes per bus.

    Times Allowed

    Bikes are allowed on buses and Community Shuttles anytime. Sometimes, on some of the busier routes, you may find that the racks are fully occupied. If this is the case, just wait until the next bus comes along.


    • To fit in the rack, bikes must have a minimum of a 40 cm (16″) diameter wheel.
    • Motor-assisted bikes of any kind, including electric bikes, are not permitted.
    • Bikes must weigh less than 50lbs to use the rack.
    • Children’s bikes are not allowed on board buses.


    Loading and Unloading Your Bike

    Here’s how to load and unload your bike:

      • Before the bus arrives, remove loose items such as water bottles, pumps, and panniers.
      • Tell the driver you want to load your bike, and then lower the bike rack by pulling on the handle.
      • Lift your bike onto the rack. If no other bike is on the rack, place your bike in the slot closest to the bus.
      • Lift the support arm up and over the front tire. On newer racks you might have to push the black button at the end of the support arm in order to release the ratchet mechanism.
      • Sit at the front of the bus and keep an eye on your bike.
      • When leaving the bus, please tell the driver that you need to remove your bike. Exit from the front door.
      • Remove your bike and raise the rack to the upright position if it’s empty.
      • Slip-covers are recommended for folding bikes.