Pokémon Go, transit and you!

July 18, 2016

    Pokémon Go is fun. Admit it, you’ve tried and you love it!

    If you’ve missed this growing smartphone phenomenon, let me fill you in.Poke Ball

    Pokémon Go is an augmented reality game you can play on your mobile device that uses geocaching to track, catch, train and battle different Pokémon characters – like the second evolution of Pidgey showcased in the photo above.

    While we are all immersed in this “gotta’ catch’em all” mentality, it’s important to remember to play (and stay) safe!

    Some tips for playing Pokémon Go on and around transit:

    • Eyes open to the real world around you! Streets, bus stops, sidewalks, cross walks, bus loops and, of course, SkyTrain station platforms, can all be dangerous places if you’re not paying attention to where you’re walking or standing.
    • Do not enter locations you wouldn’t normally. This game doesn’t give you a skeleton key to the region! Private or government buildings, residences and employee only areas are still off limits.
    • Don’t put yourself at risk! Keep your phone tucked away when you’re waiting for your bus or train. Your phone is a valuable commodity that thieves can snatch from your hand if you’re too distracted.
    • Play in teams and play during the day. Although it may be tempting to catch a Rattata at midnight at the park just down the street, do not go to secluded locations alone or at night.
    • Be aware. This game is not yet rolled out in Canada and could be vulnerable to hacks making fakePokéstops to lure players, not Pokémon.

    Follow these safety tips and enjoy this awesome game across the system and Metro Vancouver!

    **INSIDER INFO** We’ve checked in with our resident Pokémon master and riding the bus can hatch your eggs from Pokéstops much faster!