Significant bus detours

May 10, 2016

    From May until September 2016, the City of Vancouver will be replacing the sewer main and rehabilitating the roadway along Southwest Marine Drive.

    This project requires a full closure of Southwest Marine Drive from Granville Street to Camosun Street, which will affect service of the 49 Metrotown Station/Dunbar/UBC route between 49th Avenue and West Boulevard and 41st Avenue and Dunbar Street.

    Effective Monday, May 2, the 49 will be re-routed and no longer service stops along:

    • 49th Avenue between West Boulevard and SW Marine Drive;
    • SW Marine Drive between 49thAvenue and Dunbar Street; and
    • Dunbar Street between SW Marine Drive and 41st Avenue.
    • The 49 will now route off 49th Avenue via West Boulevard and 41st Ave (Westbound direction) and 41st Avenue and East Boulevard (Eastbound direction).

    There are no direct impacts to the 41, 43 and 480; however, there may be increased traffic congestion along the 41st Avenue, potentially causing some delays.

    Stopping procedures during detour

    The 49 will run express – between East Boulevard and Dunbar Street, along 41st Avenue and East and West Boulevards– not providing local service along its detour routing (no pick up/drop off) so that it stays reliable and for our customers and delays are kept to a minimum.

    There will be two additional temporary stops to minimize travel distances for passengers:

    • Last Stop Westbound (prior to express section) – #51018 (Northbound West Boulevard far side W 49th Avenue)
    • Last Stop Eastbound (prior to express section) – #60745 (Eastbound W 41st Avenue far side Alma Street)
    • The Southwest Marine Drive Upgrades Project is estimated to be completed by September 2016.