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Weekly Travel Changes

May 11, 2017
     Moovit has summarized the weekly travel changes for you. Enjoy!

    Relocation of Terminal Point of KMB Route No. 79K (Sheung Shui – Ta Kwu Ling)

    From 15 May 2017, the terminal point of KMB Route 79K will be relocated from Lin Ma Hang Road near Ta Kwu Ling Police Station to Lin Ma Hang Road near Tsung Yuen Ha Village.

    New Stops:

    • Ta Kwu Ling Police Station
    • Kaw Liu
    • Chuk Yuen
    •  Ta Kwu Ling (Tsung Yuen Ha)

    In addition,

    • For Ta Kwu Ling bound, bus stop Ta Kwu Ling will change name to Kaw Liu
    • For Sheung Shui bound, bus stop Ta Kwu Ling Bus Terminus will change name to Ta Kwu Ling Police Station

    Temporary Bus Stop Relocation at Shui Chuen O Bus Terminus

    In order to facilitate construction works of covered walkway, from 16 May 2017 (Tuesday) 8:00a.m. until completion of works, bus stop Shui Chuen O Bus Terminus of Routes 182X, 982X will be temporarily relocated to stop of KMB Route 288

    Fare Changes of Kowloon Public Light Bus Route 26, 26A, 26W, 26X & 26M

    RouteCurrent FareNew Fare
    26 To Kwa Wan (Chi Kiang Street) to Kowloon Station$5.6$6 .1
    ($3.5) ($3.8)
    26 Kowloon Station to To Kwa Wan (Chi Kiang Street)$5.6$6 .1
    26A Yan Yung Street to Kowloon Station$5.6$6.1
    26A Kowloon Station to Yan Yung Street$5.6$6.1
    26W Laguna Verde to Hung Hom Station (Circular)$4.8$4.8
    26X Laguna Verde to Jordan (Ferry Street) (Circular)$5.6$6.1
    26M To Kwa Wan (Chi Kiang Street) to Whampoa Station$3.2$3.5

    Notes: ( ) denotes section fares

    All the information is updated in Moovit App. Feel free to check it out!


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