Welcome to Moovit

May 18, 2016
    Think of Moovit as your personal transit concierge — your trusty guide that gets you from A to B. We get it, commuting can suck. So, our mission is to make every journey as smooth as possible, whether you’re a seasoned commuter or exploring somewhere new.
    Moovit has a variety of features for different aspects of your trip. Learn about these by clicking on the links below:

    Trip Planner

    Enter an address, point of interest or choose a specific line to get the best routes available. Best for finding the best route to somewhere you’ve never been.

    Live Directions 

    Step-by-step GPS-style guide for your trip, that even sends a reminder to your phone telling you when to get off. Best for people new to transit or a city, and for commuters who understand the pain of missing their stop because they’ve been too busy watching the latest YouTube video.

    Real Time 

    The most accurate transit arrival times, in real time. Best for when you need to know if you have enough time to grab that coffee before the bus arrives.


    More choice for your commute with Bike Share and Uber in certain cities. Best for when two packed buses cruise by without stopping.


    Get the best route to your favorite locations no matter where you are, in one simple click. Best for when you are running late to that yoga class…. again.

    Best Way Today

    The most up-to-date route information for specific times between two specific locations (e.g. work and home), sent direct to your phone. Best for getting the quickest route home after a long day at the office.


    Makes checking your favorite line arrivals as easy as checking the weather. Best for when you need to know if you can finish your breakfast or not before leaving the house in the morning.

    Connect & Sync

    Never lose your preferences on the app by connecting your Gmail or Facebook account. Best for the unlucky people who always misplace their phone, or the lucky people who upgrade their phone regularly.


    The truth is that you are likely to use most of these features on a daily basis, so you will be a Moovit guru in no time. But if you have any specific questions about the app, we can provide assistance if you email support@moovitapp.com.
    At Moovit, we believe riding is better together, so if you have a friend that could benefit from a smoother journey on public transit, share this with them and let them buy you a coffee for the countless minutes you’ll save them throughout the year. Smooth travels!
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