Women’s March NYC 2018

January 19, 2018

    Thousands are expected to march this Saturday in NYC. Plan accordingly, we’re here to help.

    Whether you’re marching or not, this event will be hard to ignore. Public transportation will be heavily impacted by the number of people headed towards the events, as driving and parking will be nearly impossible. Moovit has the transportation information you need to navigate to/from/or around, the events this Saturday.


    • Organizers have asked marchers to line up along Central Park West between 62nd and 82nd streets, with the rally beginning at 11:30 a.m. on 61st Street and Central Park West.
    • The march will start at Central Park West and 61st Street, head south around Columbus Circle then go east on 59th Street to Sixth Avenue. From there, marchers will go south on Sixth Avenue to 43rd Street.
    • Due to several street closures along the march route, there are predetermined entry and exit points for those intending to participate.

    Entry points:

    • 75th Street and Central Park West
    • 71st Street and Central Park West (main entry)
    • 68th Street and Central Park West
    • 64th Street and Central Park West
    • 61st Street and Broadway (disabled, ASL and talent entry)

    Exit points:

    • West 46th Street and Sixth Avenue (both sides)
    • West 45th Street and Sixth Avenue (both sides)
    • West 43rd Street and Sixth Avenue (main exit, west side only)

    How to use Moovit on Saturday

    • Identify the Women’s March start and finish locations, as well as the additional entry points on the map by logo
    • Search “Women’s March @ 75th Street and Central Park West,” or “Women’s March @ 61st Street and Broadway,” to plan a trip to the events
    • Accessible entry/exit points are labeled
    • Check service alerts that appear when you plan your trip to ensure you have the latest information from MTA, LIRR, NJ Transit, and more

    Here’s what to look for in Moovit

    The Women’s March start and finish locations are easy to spot on the map by the logo. Show above: San Francisco.


    Tap the icon to view more information and plan a trip to or from that location. Show above: San Francisco.

    Whatever your plans are, enjoy your weekend, and leave the details to us. You ride, we guide.