Service Changes

February 16, 2017

    The latest info on all that’s happening with your buses in & around Sheffield.

    Service 1a High Green – City – Herdings
    Minor timetable changes.

    Services 8/8a Ecclesfield – City – Birley – Crystal Peaks
    Minor timetable changes.

    Service 52a Woodhouse – City – Hillsborough – Wisewood
    Minor timetable changes.

    Service 72 Sheffield – Waverley – Brinsworth – Rotherham
    The 0755 journey from Sheffield to Meadowhall will be re-timed to leave at 0752 and re-routed to serve Brinsworth, running via the current route to Tinsley Park, Airport Business Park. From here, the journey will run run via Wood Lane, Brinsworth Academy, Bonet Lane, Bawtry Rd, St Lawerance Rd, Blackburn Meadows Way and Meadowhall Way to Meadowhall. This journey will no longer serve Shepcote Lane.

    Service 181 Dore – Hallamshire Hospital
    All morning departure from Dore will leave five minutes earlier.
    The 0645 departure from Dore will extend from Sheffield University to Sheffield Interchange.

    Service X1 Sheffield – Waverley – Brinsworth – Rotherham
    A revised timetable will apply.
    In Sheffield, a new stop will be added on Arundel Gate (AG5) towards Rotherham and Maltby, following customer requests.

    Service X5 Sheffield – Aston – Dinnington
    Some changes will be made to the timetable. The 2325 Dinnington to Sheffield departure will now start at Kiveton Park at 2341. The 0625 departure from Thurcroft will start at 0643.

    Service X78 Sheffield – Rotherham – Doncaster
    A revised timetable will apply.