Bengaluru Public Transport

November 17, 2018
    Integrated road transport body for Bengaluru by March

    BENGALURU : The much-awaited Road Transport Authority (IRTA), which will bring different modes of urban mobility services under one umbrella, is likely to become operational by March next. The government has prepared a draft bill and sought suggestions from stakeholders.

    As per the bill, IRTA is expected to address issues like lack of single-ticketing system, poor coordination among multiple agencies, inadequate information of transport and absence of first-and last-mile connectivity.

    The authority will also prepare guidelines to determine fares for mass transport modes like BMTC and Metro, and also introduce common ticketing system in consultation with respective agencies. It will provide inputs on BMTC’s bus route allocations, issuance of permits and licence for public vehicles like auto-rickshaws. It’ll facilitate a central database to provide users with real-time information on various transport modes.

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